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Format: 2024-05-18
Format: 2024-05-18

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Sport and leisure on Island Murter and Kornati islands

Mild climate with a large number of sunny days a year, diversity of winds and island's location - all make it possible to do different sports, both on water and on land. Every sports fan can find something for himself, especially those who like sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, fishing, rowing...

- There are three marinas on the island of Murter -  in Murter, Betina and Jezera. You can also find charter  agencies there which not only rent out sailing-boats, but  organize sailing courses, fleet-sailing and regattas as well.

Scuba diving - Most places on the island have diving centers, the largest one in the town of Murter, which offer scuba diving courses, rent out the equipment, refill the air containers, organize diving excursions...

Wind surfing - Possible almost every day, no matter how  strong the wind, the surfers can ride the waves...

Fishing - Fishing is a traditional skill on the island, which made it possible for many families to survive. Therefore it is no wonder that many families still, apart from tourism, earn their living with fishing. If you're lucky, you might find a local fisherman who will take you fishing with him, and if not, grab your own fish-hook and find a nice place. We wish you a good catch!

Rowing - You can row the whole day through here, whether in your own boat or a rented one. It is good for both mind and body... There is also a rowing club in Tisno. Who knows, you might even want to join it...

Soccer - Every summer in July a tournament in five-a-side soccer takes place in Murter. Many teams from the whole of Dalmatia, even some from inland-Croatia take part.

Tennis - There are tennis courts in Jezera (Lovišća) and in Murter (on Slanica beach).

Jogging/cycling - along lanes by the sea, early in the morning or in the evening... both are a special experience...

Game of boccie/boules - typical for Dalmatian towns, this temperamental game is interesting to watch and even more interesting to play

And notice: swimming, sunbathing, walking... Enjoy all of it! Fill your batteries for the winter ahead, that is why you are here for!!!

Jedrenje na Kornatskim otocima
Ronjenje djece u plićaku na Otoku Murteru
Ronjenje s bocama na Kornatima
Picigin na plaži Slanica u Murteru
Jedrenje na dasci u blizini Otoka Murtera
Ribolov štapom na rivi u uvali Podvrške na Otoku Murteru
Tura biciklama po stazama na Otoku Murteru
Jet ski na Otoku Murteru
Jedrenje u Murterskom moru
Ribolov štapom u uvali Plitka vala u blizini Betine na Otoku Murteru